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Our programs are designed for women who want to improve their lives and learn how to live with more balance. From difficulties with self-esteem to difficulties with relationships, our programs will help you establish changes geared to make your life more fulfilling, and centered on positive experiences.

Solutions offers a holistic approach

Body, feelings and mind are interactive and interdependent. Neglecting one aspect of ourselves can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and the sense that there should be more to life than what we are living. When we can live more fully, in all areas, we experience more vitality as well as a renewed enjoyment in life.

For example, if we deny certain elements of ourselves, like the emotion of anger, these elements can show up as recurring themes in our relationships. We will actually attract people who are often angry, or dissatisfied. Being in denial of healthy responses to life situations can bring us into a far more intense experience of that emotion than if we allowed ourselves to experience it in a natural way. If we don’t express something, our body and mind will have to find a way to deal with it.

Exhaustion is another feeling we often ignore. Did you know that exhaustion could lead to anxiety? Did you also know that adding certain activities to your schedule could reduce exhaustion? By incorporating activities we enjoy, or used to enjoy, we begin to become aware and pay attention to parts of us that became lost along life’s way – we find that these parts contain valuable reserves of energy and wisdom that are immediately at our disposal. 

Bringing ourselves into balance, in other words, retrieving with care our “lost or neglected parts” can liberate us to feel more joy in every aspect of our lives. 

Inner healing abilities

Learning to live in harmony with ourselves by focusing on strengths in order to heal weaknesses is what Solutions work is about. We often get caught in the cycle of looking to our relationships for healing, validation and comfort. This cycle often sets us up in dependent or co-dependent relationships, which are usually disappointing and painful for everyone involved. 

Like our body, our heart and spirit have their own innate healing strategy. As evolutionary beings we seek growth and repair. However, our schedules and lifestyle habits can often override our inner requests for times of quiet and rejuvenation. For instance, we may look for artificial means of stimulation to keep us going, and this frequently becomes a cycle. Getting caught up in such a cycle is easy, however you may be surprised to discover that the alternative can be just as easy while also bringing about some favorable results such as feeling and looking great! Your needs are simple: to be heard, to be seen “for who you are”, to be respected and loved. Once you are able to meet these needs for yourself, you will relax your relationships and replace unmet expectations with joy. 

Meeting our unmet needs is vital for healthy relationships

Learning the Art of Self-Nurture is about being able to take care of our own needs and wants. By not expecting others and outer influences to make us happy, we claim or reclaim power for ourselves. There is nothing like letting go of resentment from unmet expectations from the past and replacing them with a renewed sense of excitement about the present. The rewards from discovering that we are masters of our own lives build a strong, positive, and valid self-image.

Whether in workshops, courses, or private sessions, there are three stages that are common to all the work we do:

Awareness: Introduction of techniques that will enable you to learn how and why you make certain choices in your life. You will be able to identify where the best area is to begin your path of change or adjustment.

Acceptance: Through the awareness process, you discover how you are actively creating your life every day. The acceptance stage is about discovering the effects of your decisions. Some people find answers to questions they have had about themselves for a long time, regarding what motivates their behaviors. This can be very liberating, often resulting in freeing yourself from outdated beliefs about yourself and taking responsibility for your life. Taking responsibility is the starting point to building a strong self-esteem.

Action: With a new sense of awareness and personal power from the realization that we are the creators of our lives, moment by moment, you can embark on changes that will bring you more into alignment with yourself and your potential. This stage is fun and inspiring and there are many ways to explore how to live our lives to the fullest.



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