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Libby Parker,
Naturopath, Specializing in Emotional Wellness, Certified in Psychosynthesis Therapy

A graduate of Psychosynthesis Pathways of Montreal, Libby Parker is a certified psychosynthesis practitioner who has been in private practice since 1996.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Libby moved to Montreal upon completion of her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Dalhousie University. It was during her studies in theatre that Libby first discovered the liberating and healing power of expression. She realized that exploring identity beyond our daily concept of who we are, frees us to move beyond our self-imposed limits - limits which can cause us pain and dissatisfaction. After pursuing her training in psychosynthesis, and personally experiencing the core changes that are possible within oneself, Libby decided to complete her studies and become a psychosynthesis practitioner, offering to others the gifts that she herself has received.

Libby brings her gentle strength, heightened listening skills and a non-intrusive approach to her work. Believing that trust is central to allowing truths to unfold, she offers you a safe and respectful place to explore your current difficulties and begin the process of change. Libby has assisted in workshops with "Psychosynthesis Pathways" founder, Olga Denisko, and is available for individual sessions by appointment. She also offers seasonal retreats throughout the year, as well as a six-part series of classes -  The Power Within: A Course for WomenThis unique course focusses on building awareness, direction, and harmony through self exploration and expression.  

Libby also offers her Deep River group course, which explores how we experience time, and how to slow down and the touch the deep, soul nourishing, river that resides within each of us beneath the business and stress of daily life. 

Libby resides and practices in Montreal, where she has guided countless people towards life enhancing awareness, and helped them live fuller and happier lives.

Libby Parker is a member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (A.N.N.) and the Association of the Advancement of Psychosynthesis


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