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A word to those considering undertaking psychosynthesis:

One of the most important things I have learned over the years, through working with my clients and in my own process, is that while initially we may not feel supported (by others or by our own habits) in doing something new and "just for us", once we undertake a growth process such as psychosynthesis, we often begin to see surprising changes in those close to us. While these changes may be subtle, we begin to see that as our truth unfolds, others benefit. People around us often unexpectedly rise to the occasion when we speak our truth. Once defences begin to recede, and our attempts to control others lessen, we allow ourselves, and our loved ones, more space to grow. We allow them the same space, which we are learning to allow ourselves. We truly share our gifts of self-awareness, not just with our families and co-workers, but with all whom we come into contact with. For example, I have found that through this process, judgments of others fall away as we judge ourselves less and less, and this alone makes the world a better place. I felt so liberated when I realized that I no longer assessed people from a critical place. Once we feel entitled to receive good things, we genuinely feel that others are also entitled.

As a young, divorced mother, I undertook psychosynthesis to increase my ability to be a better person for my child. I wanted to break a painful cycle: I did not want to carry forth so much pain and helplessness into motherhood. Because I already had a child when I began this process, it was at times doubly painful to realize that my shortcomings as a mother originated from my own childhood. At the same time, it helped me to live more in the present and allow the past to come to rest where it belongs; in the past. I became freer, and learned how to be more present in each moment. I began my adult life.

What you can do is embrace today, take responsibility for where you are now in your life, look around and count your blessings as you set your course for change.

You will offer yourself and your loved ones a priceless gift.

- Libby Parker

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