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Soul Retreat by the Sea

With the backdrop of the ocean as our inspiration, I am pleased to announce the third "Soul Retreat by the Sea", taking place May 9th to 13th at the beautiful White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia. This five day, four night retreat offers a unique opportunity to leave behind the cares and demands of daily life, and as you drive down the driveway of White Point, you will begin your personal retreat which will invite you to unwind and begin a period of soulful rejuvenation and discovery.

Why White Point Resort?

White Point Beach Resort was chosen as the retreat location because of the experience of pleasure and beauty it offers. There are bicycles available, an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa which offers a range of holistic services, and it is the ideal location to enjoy long walks on the beach, journaling in front of a fireplace, or sitting quietly with a tea or glass of wine and watching the sun set.

On the first Soul Retreat, I was interested to know if White Point would be all that I was hoping for in a retreat location, and it was. I found that what I most wanted to offer to participants was here; beauty, a sense of the wildness of nature, a sense of freedom from the everyday (which we often begin to think is who we are), with the unusual access to the beach outside our front doors. This retreat is all about expanding awareness of oneself and one's life, and there is nothing like beauty and salt air to change one's perspective, and clear out our usual ways of seeing things. I found it offers both a lightening of the cares many of us carry, and at the same time, with the inner work we will be doing, tapping down into our own sacredness, from which many gifts can be found: a fresh perspective of what is possible, an opportunity to connect with what we really want, and a place of strength from which to build an emotionally richer life.

What to Expect in Terms of Personal Work:

The retreat offers a daily schedule which includes experiential exercises, both guided and silent meditations, journal writing, walks in nature, and extended periods of silence. During our group sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to focus on whatever personal goal they have: reconnecting with themselves, mending relationships, learning greater self-care and compassion, exploring how to navigate difficult life transitions, rebalancing daily life, or simply getting some much needed rest. This retreat is intended to further you along towards the next step in your personal development, with tools to help you achieve your goals, and put your insights into practice once you leave the retreat.

Included in the Retreat:

A 5-day guided retreat, accommodation in either Oceanfront or Seaview cottages (all cottages are equipped with either a wood stove or a wood burning fireplace), or a room in the White Point Lodge if you prefer to be close to the facilities if mobility is a concern, or reserve a bed in the Ocean Club Beach House where the retreat will be held, and a meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food here is wonderful, and they have a gluten-free menu. If you have any dietary concerns or requests, please advise me as soon as possible so I can plan accordingly.

Transportation to the retreat not included.

Read MORE about this retreat on the White Point Lodge website (http://www.whitepoint.com/events/soul-retreat-by-the-sea) and check out the Facebook Event Page (https://www.facebook.com/events/447832988760427) for the Retreat!

Cost of retreat:

Cost Retreat facilitation: $350.

Cost of White Point accommodations: (prices include a meal plan which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner): $154* per person double occupancy in the cottages and lodge rooms; $194* for single accommodations. Please contact me for the Ocean Club Beach House rates. *Accommodation rates are subject to a 12% gratuity charge and will be subject to the Nova Scotia Sales Tax.

Registration Deadline Extended: Registrations will continue to be accepted until the retreat is full. Please contact us to see if space is still available. Please note that the Ocean Club Beach House is already fully booked.

How to register:

1) Retreat Facilitation: To register, please request a registration form by emailing info@solutionsfromwithin.ca. A registration package will be sent to you and your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of a $150 deposit. The balance will be due two weeks before the start date of the retreat (April 18th).

2) Accommodations: Participants may reserve directly with White Point by calling 1-800-565-5068 and booking for the Solutions From Within Retreat. A deposit is required equal to one night stay upon booking your reservation. The balance is due upon check-in on May 9th.

To register or for more information about registration, payment schedule and cancellation policy, please contact Libby Parker at info@solutionsfromwithin.ca or at (514) 222-1471.

A payment plan is available. Feel free to contact me for details.

Deposit $150

Libby Parker, founder of Solutions from Within, is a certified Naturopath, specializing in emotional wellness and Psychosynthesis , a holistic approach to personal growth. She has been leading self discovery groups for women since 2006 and has been in private practice since 1996.

 Feel free to contact me for details at info@solutionsfromwithin.ca or though our Facebook page.


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