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Welcome to a weekend of peaceful inner reflection on self care.

Beginning on Friday evening, we celebrate the experience of spending time with ourselves. The act of slowing down our pace, and setting aside time to focus inward, has powerful rejuvenating qualities. 

We have designed a schedule balancing periods of inner reflective work with free time to take advantage of the spas many activities. While we have created a comfortable setting, conducive for relaxation and inner reflection, the focus of the weekend is to introduce tools to sustain self care once we return to our daily lives.

Remember, creating “me” time can greatly enhance our ability to connect with others.  We will be offering our loved ones a gift also!

Join us for a wonderful, insightful and rejuvenating weekend.

Note: Cultivating Your Inner Sanctuary is a psychosynthesis based retreat offering a deeply powerful combination of tools such as reflective meditation, visualization, and expressive writing. As with all of our workshops and courses, we focus on the process of becoming more aware of where we are directing our energy in our daily life. 

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For more information, please contact
Libby Parker at (514) 222-1471
or via email.

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