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Psychosynthesis Sessions

Psychosynthesis: The Psychology with a Soul

Psychosynthesis, developed by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, blends Western philosophy and psychology with Eastern studies of human consciousness, such as the connection of the body, feelings, mind, and spirit, creating a dynamic school of human development.  Dr. Assagioli's work teaches us how to live more fully by tapping into the higher realms of what it means to be human: inspiration, creativity, experiencing wisdom and joy, and learning how to bring these qualities into everyday life. 

Psychosynthesis is based on simple but powerful techniques. Simple tasks can bring up resistance, which allows us to be more aware of when we go off track. The development of will is central to this process.

What to expect in a psychosynthesis session:

Psychosynthesis sessions are usually held on a weekly basis for a
duration of one and a quarter hours. The sessions initially include
dialogue, some relaxation techniques, and some self-awareness
exercises. For the client who wishes to deepen their experience, such techniques as
imagery and visualization, movement, gestalt, dream work, centering, journaling, art work, and other forms of exploration/expression that the client currently uses in their life may also be applied. "I have had painters bring in their freshly painted canvases illustrating that week's insights." - L.P.

All clients are encouraged to bring a notebook or journal to sessions, to record insights and learnings and to record any assignments between sessions.

Courses and workshops are offered throughout the year.
No previous experience in psychosynthesis is necessary. 
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