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Is Solutions work right for you?

Take a few moments to sit quietly and reflect on any of these questions that seem relevant to your life.

1. Do you resist change that you deeply desire and need, and want to know why?

2. Have your past efforts to change your life (habits and behaviors) left you feeling like you just aren’t able or strong enough. Do you feel “What is the point in trying again?”

3. Do you sometimes feel that you can’t be yourself with those closest to you? 

4. Do you need to strengthen your self-esteem? Can someone knock you painfully off balance with a harsh word or look?

5. Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself for mistakes, even minor ones?

6. Do you often have a judgmental inner dialogue with yourself?

7. Are your genuine and heartfelt intentions left undone because you are too busy?

8. Do you experience bouts of anger at what would normally be mildly irritating situations and express your anger inappropriately? 

9. Are you a creative, intuitive person wanting a creative and grounded approach to life but are not able to take action?

10. Do you feel guilty at the thought of making time in your day to meet your personal needs, even if those activities would enhance your ability to be a happier, more efficient person? 

11. Do you experience the frustration of having both a vision of the life you want to live and a sense of hopelessness at your continued lack of success in achieving it? 

We have the ability to change our life in an instant, by making one positive choice.

Based on Psychosynthesis techniques, Solutions from Within offers training and tools designed to help you improve your life by exploring and strengthening solutions to challenges that are interfering with your personal development. 

If you are feeling joy in your life, you are on the right track, if you aren’t, you deserve to.


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