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  • Seeking Alternatives: A workshop to help you better understand the way you relate to yourself and others through the decisions you make

    Are there decisions that you know you must make, but you continue to procrastinate? Do you realize that by not taking a decision, you are actually making a very big decision? Inaction takes a lot of energy and perseverance to maintain. The more there is confusion and conflict, the more energy is wasted.

    Often the way we view ourselves affects our decision making process in situations and relationships. Learn how you make your decisions and why. We will explore tools that will help you identify the smaller choices you make, perhaps unconsciously, which impede the carrying through of larger ones. Truly it is the small decisions that can change your life. This is workshop on the power of choice!

    Common issues that have brought people to this workshop: 

    Chronic frustration from confusion and indecision
    Patterns of unhealthy or destructive choices
    Lack of motivation

    Weekends - 9:45 am to 4:15 pm
    Date to be announced

    Cost of two-day workshop: $100.

    Click here to register. 

    Belarôme Holstic Health Centre: 6100 Monkland, ( N.D.G,) Montreal, Quebec

    For more information, please contact
    Libby Parker at (514) 222-1471
    or via email.

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