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Montreal Psychosynthesis - offering Montrealers a holistic approach to personal development.
We offer workshops and programs for self improvement, self awareness, and self growth.
Solutions from Within uses tools such as imagery, visualization, expressive writing, and meditation in its approach.

Self-esteem classes and workshops:  Emotional education and self empowerment for women - Montreal courses designed to advance women's personal development and increase women's
self esteem, self confidence, and self awareness.

Psychosynthesis, developed by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, blends Western philosophy and psychology with Eastern studies of human consciousness, such as meditation and yoga, creating a dynamic school of human development.  Dr. Assagioli's work teaches us how to live more fully by tapping into the higher realms of what it means to be human: inspiration, creativity, experiencing wisdom and joy, and learning how to bring these qualities into everyday life. 

Psychosynthesis offers us a vision of ourselves, which holds our highest potential at the center, along with the tools to help us get there. 

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